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Many Low Carbon South West members are already aware of the outstanding recruitment and consulting services we provide. To quickly access our Low Carbon services, click on the links below to select the recruitment package that fits your business needs or to request a quotation.

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Few recruiting companies truly understand the staffing needs of the Low Carbon sector, but at Moon Consulting we have a proven and impressive track record of success. We have extensive experience in securing the talented candidates that drive competitive advantage in a variety of Green industries and cutting edge environmental services, including: waste management, wind power, sustainable lighting, biomass power and more. We also have a comprehensive and active network of low-carbon businesses throughout the South West region.

With the naming of Bristol as 2015 European Green Capital, opportunities for Low Carbon businesses in the South West and throughout the UK have never been better. However, finding and hiring the right senior staff with the qualities to convert these opportunities into measurable growth is a considerable challenge. Introducing new business leaders into your organisation also carries a significant element of risk, including cultural clash, lack of relevant experience, poor return on investment or reputational damage. Low Carbon South West members can trust Moon Consulting’s recruitment and low-carbon expertise to supply their organisation with the leaders needed to realise their commercial objectives.

  • We have an active and respected standing in the Low Carbon business community. We know the key businesses in the various low carbon disciplines. We understand the needs of the sector: the new technologies, processes and skills required and the opportunities that these present for the market.
  • We also know how and where to find talented and qualified low-carbon specialists. We focus our efforts in the right places to match the skills, knowledge and personality of candidates to your requirements even in niche markets. Our stringent recruitment process ensures equity and fairness for all candidates.
  • LCSW members can benefit from our considerable expertise at a special, fixed and affordable price based on the salary of the role being recruited. Retaining Moon Consulting saves you time and money by providing a cost-effective and reliable recruitment campaign that lets you focus on your core business needs.

Moon Consulting removes many of the recruitment risks from you, replacing them with our excellent, high-quality, proven and confidential recruitment service.

Designing the Level of Service that Meets your Expectations

Your business deserves a confidential and professional recruitment service, regardless of its size. Download our schedule of services to select the campaign package that suits your budget and in-house human resources capability.

Regardless of the package you select, Moon Consulting will make sure that your campaign runs smoothly and efficiently to find the most suitable candidates for your organisation. Choosing Premium or Platinum packages particularly suits companies without in-house recruitment resources or those that want a greater level of service, providing additional planning meetings, more frequent face-to-face candidate interviews and aftercare to integrate your candidate into your business. We are also happy to discuss a bespoke solution to design the level of service that meets your recruitment expectations.

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Moon Consulting is your Trusted Advisor in Executive Search & Selection, Talent Management and Business Consulting. We build long-term relationships with businesses to secure high-performance candidates by identifying needs, finding the right talent and integrating leaders into organisations. Moon Consulting has extensive expertise and knowledge of the market, with a proven and impressive track record of delivery even in niche markets. Contact us today to realise your goals.

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