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Future Proof Your Business - Moon Consulting's Top Tips for Recruiting for Board Executives

Written By Lisa Alcock - 31st October 2017


Future Proof Your Business - Moon Consulting's Top Tips for Recruiting Your Board Executives


Vanessa Moon, Director of Executive Search Firm Moon Consulting, looks at our Top Tips for recruiting Board Executives. Vanessa said "At Moon we have been in the business of handling Board roles for over 25 years and we have honed our techniques for attracting and retaining senior team members. In my experience one of the primary purposes of your Executive Board, apart from all day to day duties, is to focus on the long-term vision of your company."  


Vanessa breaks her tips down into Brand Engagement, Skills distribution, culture & diversity and understanding your obligations, responsibilities and regulations.



Brand Engagement Starts at Board Level

When recruiting for Board level positions, Vanessa said "Employer branding is crucial. To ensure that you attract the right talent, your employer brand must be refined and polished to the highest standard.  It is of paramount importance that each Board member is fully engaged with the employer brand; the Board members are ultimately brand ambassadors, and as such, their values and ethos must be aligned to that of the business."



Skills Distribution & Network

When it comes to appointing a new Board member, she said "You must first identify what skills are required by analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the current Board; the aim is to plug the skills gap. A new Board member should have a skillset that complements those of the current Board members. Remember that the most effective Board member plays a variety of roles, and as such, will provide insight into several different areas simultaneously, therefore generating a wider view of the business."


Vanessa continues, "As well as this, new Board members will bring an abundance of new connections and a wealth of knowledge gained through first-hand experience - so it is important to think about how their background will integrate with the company values."



Culture & Diversity

Vanessa said "Diversity protects your Board from 'group think'. Research shows that diverse boards report greater customer satisfaction and enjoy greater commercial results. By embracing the differences offered through race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age and other personal indicators, strategic goal implementation can be more successful. The effective Board team possesses the skills and know how to manage cultural change, challenge opinions with intelligent questions and withstand clashing viewpoints."


When recruiting for such high-level and strategic positions, your Board needs to cultivate a climate of respect and tolerance.  Vanessa recommends the use of psychometric behavioural testing "to ensure candidates have the emotional intelligence and other skills needed to succeed in today's modern environment."



Responsibilities & Regulations

As a collective, the Board of Directors are responsible for monitoring the company performance and providing strategic advice. However, Vanessa comments "Individual accountability and responsibilities are critical for all Boards; lose this and you will risk responsibilities dissolving and factions developing."


"Your Executive Board must be focussed on the best interests of the business. Therefore, it is critical that a Conflict of Interest Policy is developed and signed by each Board member. This policy is to ensure that Board members will guide the business in its best interests rather than for personal financial gain."


Vanessa adds "Each Board of Directors follow complex company laws, so new Board members may want to seek legal advice to ensure that they are fulfilling their roles in accordance with the company legislation."



Build Your Board with Moon Consulting

Moon Consulting has been involved with numerous campaigns to recruit for high-profile Board roles; Vanessa and the team understand the need to future proof your business with an effective board of directors.


You may need to recruit a new board member, or you may need to recruit an entirely new board. Whatever your project, you can trust Moon Consulting to help you identify visionary leaders.


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