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Moon Consulting is Appointed Official Recruitment Partner to Cancer Research UK

Written By Lisa Alcock - 5th September 2017



Moon Consulting is Appointed Official Recruitment Partner to Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK are delighted to announce the appointment of Executive Search firm, Moon Consulting, as an official recruitment partner to help build Cancer Research's Bristol Board of Directors.

Moon Consulting will play a key role in creating Cancer Research UK's Bristol Board of Directors. Utilising their extensive networks and search methodologies, we are looking to source high-calibre individuals who can contribute to the development of the Charity.


Bristol is a major hub for research into cancer, with Cancer Research UK coordinating a £4.1m 5-year programme focusing on new ways to predict cancer, as well as ways to prevent it. This project uses advanced genetics and molecular technology to better understand the disease.


Cancer Research UK are looking to appoint a voluntary Board of Directors to play a major role in raising funds towards this and other high-level Bristol science projects. The Board, to be created with like-minded people who are also passionate and invested into the fight against cancer, will be made up of between 8 - 10 dynamic individuals that are able to work as part of a team to contribute to the development and success of Cancer Research UK.


Moon Consulting will be looking to obtain expressions of interest from prospective candidates; Moon Consulting would like to hear from individuals with excellent networks that can be opened up to benefit the Board; individuals that are ambitious, tenacious, and not afraid to challenge opinions.


More information on this high-level search campaign will be released shortly, however, for any immediate questions please click here, or contact Sandy Hinks of Moon Consulting on 01275 371 200 or email