Moon Consulting:  Proud sponsors of the Business in the Community Award


The impact of any business on its community should never be underestimated.  Providing employment and producing goods or services denote only the tip of how businesses make their mark on the communities where they are located.  Through stewardship of the environment and the use of the skills of their employees, businesses can significantly multiply their positive effect on their neighbours. 

'Moon Consulting are extremely proud to have sponsored the Business in the Community award at this year's Business Leader Awards', remarked Vanessa Moon, Director of the executive search and selection company Moon Consulting.  'Last year, Moon Consulting celebrated 15 years of operation by quantifying our impact on businesses, schools, people disadvantaged by their circumstances, charities and more.  Through the awards, we found it really heartening to learn what other businesses are doing and investigate how good practice can be replicated.'

Ten businesses submitted entries for the Business in the Community award.  Their activities ranged from housing and health care to environmental services and the arts.  'At Moon Consulting, we always advise clients and our board level candidates to give something back by volunteering, mentoring or doing other activities that strengthen communities.  Not only does this help to round out one's personality, it also provides encouragement for others and creates a warm glow of achievement and enterprise for all concerned.  Doing good works in the community also boosts skills, broadens horizons and contributes to creativity and innovation.' 

Simon Quinn, Head of Search at Moon Consulting, presented the award to winning company Alliance Homes Group.   As the provider of 6,500 homes for people living in North Somerset, the Alliance Homes Care Group was set up to reduce the numbers of people waiting for care by training its unemployed or under-employed residents in vital and much needed healthcare skills.  This successful scheme has enabled 52 of their tenants to receive training since it was set up in October 2015 and 37 have already gained employment.

'As award sponsors, we felt proud to invite companies and business leaders in our network to the glittering Awards ceremony.  The event also enabled us to highlight our values and company ethos.'  Peaches Golding OBE, Principal Consultant and non-executive of Moon Consulting, was among the twelve judges for the third year running for the Business Leader Awards.