Culture is Key; Attracting and Retaining Top Talent to Enhance Your Business Performance

Statistics show that employee  retention and engagement are among the top concerns for business leaders in 2017.

Attracting and retaining top talent is a fierce competition, and competing on salary alone is becoming a thing of the past. Moon Consulting is an Executive Search firm, head quartered in Bristol and attracting top talent for our clients is in our DNA, not only do we recruit but we also advise on how to retain your key staff.

Simon Quinn Head of Executive Search at Moon shares his top tips for attraction and retention in 2017 and beyond.  He said;

1.    Create an attractive company culture, that is considered a crucial part in attracting top talent; it is vital that your employer branding is generating a presence that aligns with your company values.

2.    Employee perks are not only a great way to help your business stand among its competitors, and to reflect your company culture; they are way to entice top talent.  Perks are no longer about bonuses and holidays. For example, many companies now offer free or subsidised food, fashion or gym memberships, your birthday off or free child day care.

3.    Wellbeing in the workplace is taking centre stage, with work / life balance becoming increasingly significant to candidates. Research conducted by My Family Care shows that 53% of employees would rather sacrifice a 5% pay-rise for the option to work more flexibly from home.  Make your business perks irresistible and your future candidates will not be able to decline your offer.

According to the Aberdeen Group, 90% of new employees decide whether they will leave or stay within the first 6 months of employment, and therefore the on-boarding process will be significant as it will shape their views of the business.

Simon said 'The main key to retaining top talent is engagement; an employee who is engaged and aligned with the company core values is an employee who will always go the extra mile to achieve a sustainable business performance.'

But what of the future? What are the upcoming trends in attraction and retention? Simon says 'It is not all about today, but being savvy about what is around the corner. Look at global businesses and trends for inspiration such as home and  flexi-working, smart work spaces, and use of technology.'

Nurturing that talent is a significant element of employee engagement; providing employees with growth and development opportunities will give them a chance to flourish and thrive in their roles.

The recruitment process is critical when attracting top talent - eliminate lengthy and drawn-out processes by using Moon Consulting as your value-add search partner.

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