Top Tips to Improve the Candidate Experience

Moon Consulting’s Top Tips to Improve the Candidate Experience

The skills shortage epidemic coupled with the current low levels of unemployment is transforming the recruitment market, as it becomes increasingly candidate driven. However, data from The Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (The REC) Good Recruitment campaign shows that, despite the current market, the candidate journey is deteriorating.

The Candidate Driven Market

LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trend survey conducted in 2016 shows that employe eengagement is among the top concerns for business leaders in 2017, with 56% viewing it as their top priority. However, despite increased spending on employer branding and talent attraction, research from The REC shows that 11% of respondents described their experience as negative.

Furthermore, South West Insider’s Business Ambition survey published in the June 2017 edition shows that 48% of employers want to achieve growth via recruitment, however, 29% report that access to skills will be their biggest issue. It is therefore of paramount importance that employers know how to attract the right candidates.

Improving the Candidate Experience

Employer Branding

Research shows thatculture is key. When it comes to recruiting, a strong brand will help attract the very best talent.

Job Descriptions

Be concise, consider the type of candidate you are trying to attract. Candidates appreciate information that capture the company culture.

The Interview Process

Remember that, in the current candidate driven market, the candidate holds the power. You may risk losing your candidate if the interview process is too lengthily or has too many ‘hoops’ to jump through.


How you, and your employer brand, engages with candidates is hugely influential on creating a positive candidate journey. Be prepared to offer plenty of constructive feedback at all stages of the process. No communication at all will paint a negative picture of your brand.


For employers, the recruitment process doesn’t finish once a candidate has been made an offer. It is important that employers think critically about each candidate and their first few months at the company. 

How Moon Consulting Can Help You Attract the Right Talent

Access to Talent

Moon Consulting are proven and trusted advisors in executive search and we take the time to understand your business needs. We have an extensive and high-calibre talent pool of pre-screened candidates, this is one of our biggest assets.

Building Relationships

Here at Moon Consulting, we continuously invest in new relationships with clients and candidates alike. Our dedicated Relationship Manager works closely with our customers to ensure a seamless recruitment process.

The Process

Moon Consulting can help you at all stages of the recruitment process; from drawing up job descriptions and managing the application process, to conducting interviews and psychometric behavioural tests – we partner you every step of the way.

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