Your Role as a Trustee: Responsibilities & Challenges

Your Role as a Trustee: Responsibilities & Challenges

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Our Executive Search Consultant, Sandy Hinks, has recently managed a number of successful executive search projects where we have sourced several Trustee vacancies for high-profile organisations, more recently Frank Water and Bristol Museum Development Trust.

We asked Sandy to outline her experiences when recruiting for Trustee roles; "I have found that when approaching people to ask if they would be interested in becoming a Trustee, everyone I spoke to were always very flattered, and also very interested in helping organisations fulfil their Trustee requirements." When asked about how she reaches out to potential candidates, Sandy says "I made sure I knew each business very well and then used a combination of public adverts and my network to source potential contacts. I was staggered at how much time people personally put aside in their lives for helping others." 

Although the majority of these roles are unpaid, Sandy says this does not detract potential candidates from considering whether they can commit to the role. Sandy said she found that the reward often outweighs the task in hand, commenting "In a day of highly pressurised, busy working/home lives, it is very rewarding to see an organisation grow from strength to strength with a strong board. From a personal perspective, I am immensely proud that my search work has contributed to the making of that board. "

More information on the responsibilities of a Trustee for a UK charity can be found on the website; The Essential Trustee Guidance from

You will see from the guiding article that the role of a Trustee is to be responsible for directing your charity's affairs, ensuring that it meets its charitable objectives and that it is properly run. This is essential for the long-term sustainability and means that, when your charity fundraises, it does so, legally, responsibly and effectively.

Sandy said she has found that a Trustees' role can be very varied, depending on the size of the charity and the responsibilities this puts on them. Bigger charities may need help with staff, or financial resources, so a more 'hands-on' approach may be needed than compared to a smaller charity, which may already have minimal help in these areas.

As a Trustee, your responsibilities may include strategic planning, ensuring that the appropriate financial controls are implemented and adhered to, and resolving any conflicts of interest, as well as volunteering and coordinating fundraising events.

You may also be involved with recruiting for board roles. To ensure that your board is as diverse as possible, include a mix of skills sets and expertise, ensuring there are no 'gaps' in knowledge. This approach will enable the charity to develop and grow in an organic way whilst playing to the key strengths of the board members.

Are you recruiting a Trustee for your Board? Please contact either Sandy Hinks or Lisa Alcock at Moon Consulting for more information 01275 371 200.

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