Behavioural Profiling for Sustainable Hiring 

Moon Consulting always offers Behavioural Profiling as part of our campaign support:  this tool can often assist the recruitment process by giving employers a better idea of how a candidate will behave at work, such as their communication style, motivations and reaction to pressure. Benefits of this analysis can often include improved communication, team cohesion, performance and long-term development.


Behavioural profiling must never be considered in isolation: it is a support tool to provide extra information during the recruitment process and so long as care is taken to avoid any potentially discriminatory factors embedded within personality traits, it is also a safe and robust addition to the routine recruitment process.

Moon Consulting delivers and evaluates psychometric behavioural profiling through a precise assessment. This identifies specific personality traits and behaviours that would make a candidate naturally inclined to succeed in their job.  We have found that this assessment can greatly enhance the interview stage of the recruitment process by providing employers with suggested questions to ask candidates. These will explore their strengths and weaknesses related to the opportunity. 

The tool we use is an on-line talent management system that uses an assessment instrument to help companies hire and manage people who will perform well in their job. The results can assist in on-boarding, team dynamics, employee performance, and succession planning and employee development.

We have found the Behavioural profiling to be very popular with our clients and we have used it successfully in the following campaigns:

  • Business Development Director for a low carbon technology company
  • Head of Finance for an educational organisation
  • Head of Marketing for a leisure and hospitality company
  • Sales Director for an international engineering firm
  • Global Software firm for all their internal and external hires

If you would like to know more about how behavioural profiling can enhance the search for your next executive and provide long-term value for your business, call us on 01275 371200 or email us via