Trust & Responsibility - Vanessa Moon reflects on Moon Consulting's values

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Moon Consulting are proud of the way we conduct business. We have spent time to define our values and make sure they strongly align to our way of working.

Moon Consulting's core values are to be distinctive, ethical and approachable in all our undertakings, adhering to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) code of ethical contact.

Vanessa says, 'I was reflecting on what these values mean to us and why we specifically chose them and realised we had missed two out'. The extra two values relate to 'responsibility' and 'trust'.

Vanessa explains, 'Responsibility is all about the way we handle a campaign for a client: we ensure we represent the client in an effective way, respecting their confidentiality and acting as professional ambassadors for their brand whilst under instruction. It is a big responsibility to take on a campaign, regardless of whether the client is an existing one or new to Moon, and we manage this responsibility with the utmost professionalism. So for us responsibility is all about taking ownership from the client and managing the search in a respectful, transparent way.'

'Trust is equally important', Vanessa continues. 'We have focused on building trust among our clients and with our candidates too.'  By listening to what our clients need from a new hire and by understanding the challenges that prospective candidates will face in their new role, Moon Consulting can effectively match skills and personalities to the existing company culture. 'Our search team is naturally curious about the business needs of our clients and this enables us to be an effective partner and allows us to innovate where necessary.'  Vanessa explains, 'with 82% of the business coming from repeat mandates or referrals, Moon Consulting benefits from high levels of trust at board-level and within the executive search marketplace.  Moon is regularly 'Entrusted' with a confidential search mandate to source the right candidate that will enhance the client's business. That in itself is a wonderful feeling; the client appreciates that we understand their business and will introduce them to the best calibre of candidates to ultimately maximise that business' prospects.'           

Vanessa concludes, 'So at Moon Consulting, values are important and we display the behaviours required to enact our values.  It is critical that our search team act responsibly at all times, retain the trust of our clients and it is only then that we can expect to be entrusted with the search.'