Killer Interview Questions – What Every CEO Should Know

Killer Interview Questions – What Every CEO Should Know


As we enter 2018, it is becoming increasingly important that Senior Leadership Teams, led by their CEO, adopt effective recruitment strategies to ensure that they beat their competition to the very best talent.

A survey conducted by the CIPD found that 75% of HR professionals have experienced recruitment difficulties over the last 12 months.

Candidates with skills in leadership (58%), digital (54%) and commercial awareness skills (51%) are the most likely to increase in demand over the next 12 months.

At Moon Consulting, we have found that the key to successful Board level appointments lies in having the best questions to draw out those hidden candidate traits.

A trend we are seeing is a departure from traditional interview questions, and a rise in killer questions that will best serve your recruitment process.

Instead of asking your candidate “what is your biggest weakness”, opt for asking something that will challenge their mindset and mentality.

You might ask, for example, “Would you rather be liked, respected or feared?” or perhaps, “Think about a time when you have had to perform in a leadership role and tell me how people responded to your leadership efforts”.

Here at Moon Consulting, we have successfully built Boards across the UK in a range of sectors, including Technology & Software, Retail & FMCG, Manufacturing & Engineering, Financial Services & Banking and Charities and Not for Profit organisations.

2017 has certainly been a successful year for us; we have seen a 42% increase in successful Board level appointments across the year.

Our most successful campaigns to date include an extensive recruitment and search campaign for the Board positions of Chief Executive, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Operations Officer on behalf of Brunel Pension Partnership.

For each new instruction, we focus on understanding the company culture and observing how that is lived through the company values. This allows us to ensure that we provide expert advice to future proof Boards in these increasingly competitive times.

So, next time you are recruiting a Board Director, why not talk to Moon Consulting and we can work with you to identify those killer questions that will better serve your Board, your business, and ultimately, help you beat your competitors to the very best talent?

Of course, every set of questions should be tailor-made to each recruitment project, so we look forward to demonstrating how we can add value to your process when you are next looking to make that crucial leadership appointment.

Should you be actively looking for new Board members, please do get in touch to find out how we might be able to help.

Alternatively, take a look at our exclusive Build Your Board facility, profiling just some of the talent we are currently representing.

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