Managing Reputational Risk in the Workplace - Is Your Board Good Enough?


Managing Reputational Risk in the Workplace - Is Your Board Good Enough?


From Hollywood to the UK Media, high profile and reputation damaging employment issues such as sexual harassment and gender pay gaps are keeping board directors awake at night.  

So, what steps can your Board take to minimise the risk to your business? Burges Salmon, JBP, CBI and Moon Consulting are delighted to invite you and a colleague, to an exclusive free panel debate to make sure that your Board has the skills needed to manage reputational risk in the workplace. This will take place on the 15th May at The Mansion House Clifton Bristol 16.30-18.00. 

Corporate reputation is a fragile thing and the negative effects will almost certainly have a detrimental impact to any business. Indeed, one national newspaper journalist put the reputational challenge on the same scale as the mis-selling scandals in the financial services sector.

Although reputation management is a responsibility shared throughout a business as a whole, the liability tends to fall within specific departments, namely marketing, PR and HR.

Safeguarding corporate reputation should be a proactive strategy starting at Board level. The Board is accountable, but not responsible, for managing reputational risk. As Board members will have a panoramic view of the reputational landscape, they are best positioned to devise a strategy to ensure that the risks are minimised.

To find out more about this exclusive debate and to book your place, please contact Moon Consulting’s relationship Manager Jessica Moore on or call 01275 371 200.