Anne Anketell, CEO of Bristol Charities

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Moon Consulting has a long history of working within the Charity and not for profit sectors and our work spans specialised search and recruitment for both Executive and Non-Executive/ Trustee roles. 

Moon meets with Anne Anketell, Chief Executive of Bristol Charities to talk about her motivation for the Charity and making a difference in people's lives. 

Bristol Charities is one of the oldest charities in the City dating back to 1835 and set up by some of Bristol's early philanthropists to take control of   many of Bristol's Civic interests at the time.  Anne joined in October 2013; prior to this she was Managing Director of Centra Support which is the Care and Support Arm of Circle Housing, one of the UK's largest providers of social housing.  

I asked Anne what had attracted her to the role in Bristol. She said, initially she had not considered a move to Bristol however, after learning more about the Charities aims and objectives it looked to be a great charity with an impressive  combination of reach, support, heritage and profile. She has been really surprised by the amount of support and collaboration there is amongst the charity sector and the business community in Bristol. In fact, Anne is a member of the Guild of Guardians with Director Vanessa Moon  She said that she has had a really positive move to Bristol and she has enjoyed putting a strategy into place to ensure the Charity is fit for purpose and ready for the future. What really attracted her was the charity's' ambitions on delivering on large scale projects.

We talked about the challenges Anne and the Charity  face,  one of which is hiring the right people Identifying and head hunting suitable candidates has proven the best way to find the right person and we briefly discussed what Moon Consulting offers in terms of head hunting and targeted searches which seemed to resonate well!  As a charity they are fortunate that they do not have to rely on Government funding for the majority of the work that we do.  Obviously Governance and Charity Commission regulation is very important and Anne has a great team of Trustees who support her.

In terms of motivation and inspiration, Anne said the most important aspect is making a difference in people's lives that are in need. When you work for a smaller organisation you can absolutely see the impact and the result s are much more visible. 

Finally, we moved on to her advice to newly appointed directors in the Charity Sector. Anne said you should work to develop relationships that make the most of the skills and experience of your Leadership team and  Board of Trustees. It can be lonely being a CEO in a smaller charity especially when you come from a larger organisation. It also makes you more resilient and the business more nimble as you can make decisions and implement solutions quickly and start to see the impact. She said always network well with other Directors/CEO's in the Charity Sector to offer help and guidance as most Charites are experiencing the same issues.

I came away from our meeting, impressed with the passion that Anne has in running the Charity as well as a huge sense of pride in a Bristol organisation which has been supporting the community since 1835.

Moon Consulting work extensively within the Charity and Not for Profit Sectors both nationally and locally.  Roles have ranged from CEO, Trustee, Governor, Finance Director, and Business Development Director roles as well as HR and Marketing. The team at Moon Consulting also hold a number of Trustee, Non Exec and Governor Roles themselves within the charity and voluntary sectors so have first had experience of supporting organisations in this sector. 

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