Trusted Partner in Executive Search & Selection, Talent Management and Business Consulting

Moon Consulting know that high performing businesses rely on effective leadership, trust and cohesion. We build long-term relationships with businesses to secure the high-performance candidates needed to excel in today's market conditions by identifying your needs, finding the right talent and integrating leaders into your company.

Moon Consulting work closely with your business to ensure that candidates have the skills, experience and behaviours to match your commercial objectives and company culture. We use a wide range of expert search techniques such as Search & Selection, our unique Network Search and precision Advertising to find the best talent even in niche markets.

Moon Consulting has extensive expertise and knowledge of the executive recruitment market, an active standing in the business community and a proven and impressive track record of delivery. We understand that there are times when highlighting and promoting your brand can be an integral part of a recruitment programme while in other situations, the use of a non-disclosure agreement and a confidential search is more appropriate. We are happy to discuss a bespoke solution to design the level of service that meets your recruitment expectations.